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With back-to-work guidelines changing, some of you may be discussing a return to the office. At DG, our focus has been on helping you get around safely during the pandemic and beyond.

Our COVID-19 POLICY is designed with the wellbeing of you and your driver in mind – so when you leave home each day, you feel safe and confident about the journey ahead.

Remember, with DG you can book your journey up to 3 months in advance for added peace of mind.

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With our LATER option you can book your journey to work in advance by up to 3 months. Head to the app now for that much-needed peace of mind!

Our COVID-19 Policy

Every single journey is protected by our COVID-19 POLICY – a range of measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of both you and your driver. This includes regular deep cleaning of our cars with an electrostatic spray that kills 99.99% of germs, closing our front passenger seat and asking passengers to use our rear seats to encourage social distancing, and regular provision to all our drivers of PPE as well as hand sanitiser.



To find out more about how we’re keeping you safe, visit our Safety Hub.

Protect your safety and the health of your driver. Wear a face covering when traveling with us



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