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Priority Account


Or More, Satisfied Account Customers.


As a Priority Account Customer with DG Taxis you will receive Priority Status. We pride ourselves in offering a reliable service at a competitive price. We have a wealth of experience in handling accounts and have a very impressive response times in the Nottingham area from as little as 5 minutes.

With Nottingham’s largest fleet of 750 cars, DG Priority Account Customers are guaranteed a vehicle at all times, even during the busiest periods. We currently hold a portfolio of over 600 priority accounts in Nottingham ranging from customer spend of £200 per month to £70,000 per month.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and our dedicated Priority Account management team are on hand to assist you with any support you require. You'll also receive access to our Priority Account booking line, where the average call response time is just five seconds.

Priority Account Benefits:      

  • Priority status at all times.
  • Guaranteed cars even during the busiest periods.
  • Fixed price journeys.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Access to Priority telephone booking line.
  • Online account management system.
  • Dedicated Priority Account manager.
  • 28 day credit facilities.
  • Password protection used for authorising bookings.
  • Online booking facility.
  • No need to carry cash.

Business Services

We are always looking at methods to help local businesses in providing an excellent taxi service to its customers. There are a number of interesting products that may be of interest to you.

Free phones

If you feel your business could benefit from having a taxi free phone then please fill in the form.           

Benefits of free phone:

  • Prioritised taxi booking line.     
  • Priority telephone number registered to your premises.         
  • Free call charges to you and your customers when using this service.     

We have installed Free phones in many public and private locations:

  • Pubs.           
  • Clubs.           
  • Hotels. 
  • Restuarants.          
  • Leisure Centres.           
  • Hospitals.           

Taxi Butlers

The Taxi Butler system is a new stylish method of booking your taxis which are placed in a highly populated location to offer your staff the ability to book a taxi quickly and totally fuss free for your customer's with a click of a button.

Benefits of Taxi Butler:       

  • Priority bookings.
  • Nearest taxi is dispatched immediately.
  • Requires power only. No phone line or internet connection required.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Durable quality built by TomTom.
  • Completely free of charge.                       

We have installed Taxi Butlers in numerous locations:

  • Pubs.                              
  • Hotels.               
  • Restaurants.               
  • Pop up events.    

Intercom system

The intercom system is a stylish method of booking your taxis which are placed in a highly populated location to offer customers the convenience to book their taxi free of charge.

Benefits of intercom system:       

  • One touch bookings.
  • Prioritised taxi booking line.               
  • Priority telephone number registered to your premises.
  • Free call charges to you and your customers when using this service.             

We have installed intercoms in many public and private locations:

  • Pubs.               
  • Clubs.               
  • Hotels.               
  • Restaurants.
  • Leisure centres.               
  • Student accommodations.               

Cigarette bins

We have over 600 cigarette bins distributed in Nottingham that service over 400 businesses. The cigarette bins provide great benefits to businesses as:

  • Enviromentally friendly.
  • Keeps shop frontage clean of cigarette stubbs.
  • Provides an area for staff and customers area to dispose of their cigarette.
  • Bins are cleaned and maintained by DG on a regular basis.
  • Most importantly these bins are free of charge to your business.
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